It is important to note that some materials absorptive properties can range dramatically depending upon numerous variables. For example, a concrete wall could be 0% to 35% absorptive. If available, it is always best to get the tested NRC rating from the manufacturer. Because of these ranges and the limitations of the NRC rating system, it is highly recommended to have an acoustical professional analyze your particular space, materials, and installation methods.

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Noise Reduction Coefficients (NRC) for Common Building Materials:

Brick, painted.00 - .02
Brick, unpainted.00 - .05
Carpet, indoor-outdoor.15 - .20
Carpet, heavy on concrete.20 - .30
Carpet, heavy on foam rubber.30 - .55
Concrete (smooth), painted .00 - .05
Concrete (smooth), unpainted .00 - .20
Concrete (block), painted.05
Concrete (block), unpainted.05 - .35
Cork, floor tiles (3/4" thick) .10 - .15
Cork, wall tiles (1" thick).30 - .70
Drapery, light weight (10oz.).05 - .15
Drapery, medium weight (14oz.), velour draped to half.55
Drapery, heavy weight (18oz.), velour draped to half.60
Fabric on Gypsum .05
Fiberglass, 3-1/2" batt.90 - .95
Fiberglass, 1" Semi-rigid.50 - .75
Glass.05 - .10
Linoleum on Concrete.00 - .05
Plywood.10 - .15
Polyurethane Foam (1" thick, open cell, reticulated).30
Rubber on Concrete .05
Seating (occupied).80 - .85
Seating (unoccupied), metal.30
Seating (unoccupied), wood.30
Seating (unoccupied), fabric upholstered.60
Seating (unoccupied), leather upholstered.50
"Soundboard" (1/2" thick).20
Sprayed Cellulose Fibers (1" thick on concrete).50 - .75
Steel.00 - .10
Wood.05 - .15

Adapted from Architectural Acoustics, M. David Egan and Sound Analysis and Noise Control, John E.K. Foreman

These ratings may not reflect the specific NRC for your particular material, depending on variables such as type, size, thickness, installation methods, etc.

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